More Volume

The Billy Blue graduate exhibition 2011, our take on it was to create a graduate exhibition that is not a graduate exhibition. Instead to create an event that involves the whole creative community in Sydney. 

We decided to start a research project and as part of that we made a documentary film and accompanying Field Guide, observing the creative community in Sydney. 

With all the information from both leading and upcoming lights of Sydney design industry we wanted to get to know each other, the community, to find out how we could collaborate, as individuals and as collectives, to build on our design industry, make it even greater and celebrate who it is made up of and what it stands for.

As one of our main findings was that large part of the community seem to agree on <i>It's not what you know, it's who you know</i> we found it very chocking and quite alarming that 77% of our graduating class didn't know anyone in the industry. With that in mind we though that it was important for the whole community to get to know each other, both emerging and established designers. 

The result; A Documentary getting to know the inner workings of the community, a Field Guide - the quirky and personal side of the community and an Event bringing the community together a common ground to get to know each other.